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For the poorest children in the Philippines, primary education is an asset often out of reach. In 2007, one million Filipino children aged six to 11 were not attending school (UNESCO, 2010). Deprived of education, a child's chances of escaping poverty are dramatically reduced.

Every year of education decreases the likelihood of a child living in poverty. In response to this troubling reality, ICM provides Elementary Scholarships for ICM Jumpstart Kindergarten graduates who continue on to public school first grade. They stay on the scholarship until they graduate from primary school.

Invest in education, help lift these kids out of poverty now!

More information about Bankers and Lawyers on Detention -

The Linklaters team includes:
Navin Desor
Paul Taylor
Barton Leslie
Ying Fu

To support other banker/lawyer through donation - click link below.
Location: Hong Kong

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