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International Care Ministries has been reaching the poorest of the poor in the Philippines since 1992. At ICM, we believe that no one should live in abject poverty. With the right training, resources and support, the strongholds of poverty can be broken.

In the last few years, ICM has reached approximately 100,000 ultra-poor people a year with life-changing, community based, holistic education. ICM program create measurable improvement in families and whole regions across the Visayas and Mindanao. This wide impact is possible due to ICM's unique approach of partnering with the existing infrastructure of local churches found in most Philippine slum communities.

After ICM's four-month VHL (Values, Health, Livelihood) training program, participants experience:
- 85% reduction in reported physical abuse in homes
- 22% reduction in serious illnesses
- 61% increase in household income

ICM provides help, inspires hope and creates change.

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