Medical Mercy

Medical Mercy

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About This Project

ICM’s Medical Mercy Program allows family members of ICM program participants in need of critical medical care to receive necessary treatments and surgeries that are financially out of their reach. Some common medical conditions are clubfoot, cleft palate, goiters and bowel issues. Currently, we have a total of 283 medial cases that are awaiting funding and the total cost of all the surgeries amount to nearly USD$100,000.

Recently, we arranged successful surgeries for a little boy who was born with both clubfoot and fused fingers. This made walking and holding objects difficult. Now, he can not only run around but he can even hold a pencil and write his name! These surgeries have completely changed the trajectory of his life.

Your donations go towards relieving our recipients’ pain and giving them a brighter future!


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International Care Ministries Ltd

At ICM, we believe that no one should live in abject poverty. With the right support, the right training, and the right resources, the bondages of poverty can be broken.

In the last few years, ICM's community-based, holistic solutions have reached more than 750,000 people living in poverty - building resilience and greater well-being in families and whole communities across the Visayas and Mindanao. This wide impact is possible through a strategy of partnering with the local churches found in most low-income Philippine communities, inspiring hope and providing help to transform lives.

After our four-month Transform program, ICM's ultrapoor participant experiences:
- 106% increase in household income
- 43% increase in self-worth
- 28% decrease in serious illnesses

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    Hong Kong SAR China

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